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The story of a destroyed ambulance

Here is the story of a destroyed ambulance I mentioned earlier. Every week, 10 ambulances are destroyed in Ukraine and a significant portion of them intentionally.

This vehicle was answering a call near the Kharkiv front line and was destroyed last August in the yard of a farmhouse. The people residing there were a local family, who were attacked inside of their own home by Russian troops. Once the ambulance arrived to the scene, it was immediately hit with frag artillery. One medic died in the attack, while another one survived.

This is one of the 50.000 recorded war crimes in Ukraine. For us, this was the singular event that pushed us to provide an ambulance for these brave people, who put their lives on the line in order to save others.

All I want for Christmas — that there will be families in Ukraine who can later celebrate future holidays together, instead of only remembering those who were lost due to a lack of insufficient emergency care.

Our fundraiser is currently at 43% of its 10.000€ target, and the need for ambulances remains urgent.

All donations no matter the size are important. The sooner the fundraiser hits its target, the sooner the vehicle gets to serve its purpose in saving lives. Donations from corporate entities are also very welcome and we’ll provide further documentation for the company records, if needed.

Mobile Pay: +358 40 585 9361

Message: Ambulance for Ukraine

The attached photos are taken by Sarah Ashton-Cirillo reporting from the scene. She was also kind enough to visit our earlier Ukrainian Wine Event through a video link from the front lines three months ago.

This is a fundraiser officially licensed by the Finnish authorities to Roni Olin: RA/2022/1582, validity 14.11.2022 - 13.02.2023, covering a donation of an ambulance for the Ukrainian state.

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